Before You Kick the Kettle

7. Lend a Helping Hand


As I touched on before, Loyola is all about altruism and community. I myself used to be quite weary of offering my time to any cause. I wasn’t too fond off the whole privilege guilt thing. I mean, who is? But despite that annoying tightness in your chest telling you otherwise, those in need are no different than you. Just as flawed and sinful as you and every bit as human. Moreover, when you’re in need, I’m sure you are just as grateful to receive help as they are.

Lending a helping hand includes picking up liter and handing out meals to the hungry, but it’s not limited to just those options. There are countless organizations to choose from of which span across a myriad of missions and approaches. This post, I hope, will serve to show that no matter your talent or life experience, there is always a way for one to lend a helping hand. 

Student Goverment of Loyola Chicago (SGLC) aims to voice the concerns of the student body; to act as an instrument for cooperation and to provide an open forum for students, faculty, and administration. Hope in the discussion and help affect change right here at home!

Best Buddies is a stellar campus organization committed to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through friendship. Holding to the dream of a world with no need for Best Buddies, this stunning group of students tirelessly work towards a world where individuals with disabilities are fully and completely included socially in the community.

1012641_10151551222392880_1312263724_nAdvocate is Loyola’s official student organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and ally students. With partners throughout the University community, they seek to cultivate an open, developmental and safe environment for students, faculty and staff through supporting all forms of diversity, educating community members, providing a welcoming, safe, diverse and inquisitive space for positive social interactions and advocating equity and justice for all peoples.Through engaging in honest, respectful dialogue and committing themselves to service and learning, they strive to better the university and city that we call home. Read more

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Freshmen 101: 5 MUSTS for Your 1st Year

You walk in as a freshman in college, and it’s like a whole new world. Opportunities are thrown in your face left and right and while you want to join and try everything, you just know that it isn’t humanely possible. Now, if you have the power to stop time, maybe that’s not the case for you, but for most freshmen, you just don’t know where to start. In this post, I have included a couple suggestions on how to keep yourself sane while still trying new things.

1) Join 1-2 Clubs/Activities: Your adviser wasn’t kidding. Joining more than two clubs will have you feeling a little overwhelmed, especially if you’re someone with a rigorous class schedule. Loyola has a plethora of clubs and activities. Over the summer, look through the list here, and pick a few that you’re interested in. Then, go to the first meeting of those clubs/activities and narrow it down to the ones you really want to join! I recommend joining something that you think might be interesting but not exactly something in your comfort zone. For example, my freshmen year, I joined Knitting Club and Karate Club. While after the first meeting, I realized Knitting Club was just not my cup of tea, Karate Club was super cool and I ended up really enjoying it. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

2) Attend sports-related stuff: Make sure you go to at least one basketball, soccer or volleyball game this year.  They tend to give out free t-shirts and food at a lot of the games. Save yourself a good 20 bucks and attend a game instead of visiting the bookstore. But don’t just go for the free stuff. Cheer our teams on! While we don’t have a football team, our volleyball athletes have been FIRST PLACE champions for two years in a row! Loyola Volleyball is pretty legit. 😀

3) Explore Chicago: Isn’t this a given when you’re living in the greatest city in the world? Utilize that Ventra card and jump on a train one day to visit some place you’ve always wanted to go to! Sometimes in the Damen Student Center they have discounted passes to visit the Sears (or Willis, I guess if you’re new to the city) Tower. Those deals are the best! This neat little website might also give you some inspiration!

4) Shop ’til you drop: The city is the best place to go broke. If anything, window shop and check out all of the designers and neat little shops on the Magnificent Mile! Just walk around and you’ll be amazed at all the different businesses thriving in Chicago.

5) Shopping not your favorite? How about you try new food: There are so, so, soooo many restaurants in the city and college is the best time to satisfy your taste buds! Shake Shack, Cheesies, and the Ghirardelli store are three food places that you just have to visit during your time at Loyola.

The city is at your fingertips! Make good use of it dear freshmen :)

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Art Slant 2015 Now accepting submissions!


Are you an avid artist? A proud painter, potter or Parisian sculptor? The great minds behind ArtSlant Chicago, a network of some of the world’s greatest artists, are excited to invite all creative souls to enter work (for a small submission fee) for a chance to win cash prizes, a coveted feature on ArtSlant’s Amazon page, as well as a chance to further influence the Chicago art community! To enter, create something wonderful and click here. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Click here for more information regarding the competition.

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