Now is the time to check out DIY/XX, Self-published graphic novels, mini comics and zines by women! The exhibition is FREE and now open to the public! Highlighting the work of women, this exhibition is curated by Tom Greensfelder and includes pieces of writing, drawing, and DIY Read more

Review and Reflect With Us!

Our Faculty Biennial: Review Reflect will be running until December 7 in the Newhart Promenade. Head on over to see the past and present works of the Loyola Fine Arts Faculty. All of the works will be displayed in with FREE access for all with public viewing hours Wednesday-Friday from 1-5 Read more

The Temptations of Saint Anthony at the Art Institute of Chicago

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In the 1880s, James Ensor, a Belgian artist created the drawing “The Temptation of Saint Anthony“. Nearly six feet tall and made from 51 separate sheets of paper, this masterpiece is scheduled to appear in the Art Institute of Chicago‘s new exhibit, Temptations: The Demons of James Ensor. When this work comes to the Regenstein Hall of the AIC from November 23-January 25, it will be its first time leaving Belgium since 1950.

“The Temptation of Saint Anthony” displays the themes of greed and lust in a contemporary context. The work contains religious and theological motifs which depict aspects of Saint Anthony‘s life. The AIC has worked to improve and restore the drawing to its original 19-century condition.

Temptation: The Demons of James Ensor features several of James Ensor‘s other works as well as loans from the Royal Museum of the Fine Arts, Antwerp, and other institutions. This exhibit will provide a unique look into the tumultuous and fascinating life and works of James Ensor.

For more information click here!

National Theatre’s “Frankenstein”

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Rejoice! The Royal National Theatre‘s 2011 production of Frankenstein will be rebroadcast into cinemas and staged in theatres nationwide.  This dynamic production stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller, who alternate between the iconic roles of Victor Frankenstein and his monster.  The actors — who both took away awards for their performances — bring Mary Shelley’s novel to life, granting audiences the opportunity to empathize with both the monster and his creator.  To fully immerse the audience in the original novel, this stage adaptation sticks to its source material remarkably well.  Equally as stunning as the cast and script is the set design, whose minimal layout only serves to add to the imaginative atmosphere of the production.  The show is also aided by the powerful sound design, at times light and whimsical, while at other times equally dark and foreboding.  The story takes us from the monster’s first moments of life to his disastrous confrontation with his creator.

Between the star power, staging, the superb script, and soundtrack, you’re not going to want to miss this!   For more information and to find theaters and tickets, click here.

2014 Causes A Scene

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Whiskey Wry Productions  presents 2014 Causes A Scene, a satirical look into this year. If sketch comedy is your forté, this is the show for you. After a year of wild political scandals, Hollywood drama, and American triumphs, the witty cast of Whiskey Wry Productions set out to examine the shenanigans of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the controversy over the Hobby Lobby birth control debate, The World Cup, and much more. This event will take place at Gorilla Tango Theatre in historic Bucktown, premiering November 29, and running every Saturday until December 19. Click for more information regarding this show, or to purchase tickets today!