Ready for the 24 Hour Theatre Project?!

Mark your calendars for the 24 Hour Theatre Project! This Saturday, September 6 at 7:30 will feature Loyola theatre students performing a play written, directed, and rehearsed within 24 hours! Stop by this one-night-only performance at the Newhart Family Theatre which is completely FREE! Read more

Miles to Empty: This Week!

Our first art exhibition for the school year has finally arrived! This Thursday, September 4 from 5-6:30 PM is the opening reception of Miles to Empty by Shannon Goff. Come and enjoy a free night filled with food and cardboard reconfigurations of classic cars Read more

Arts Alive Pass

Free, Free, Free! The Department of Fine and Performing Arts is giving Freshmen the chance to see four FREE events over the course of the school year with the Arts Alive Pass (handed out in your UNIV 101 class). From theatre to dance to music, Read more

Auditions Approaching!

Want to participate in some of the great fine and performing arts events to come? Click here to get the details about upcoming auditions for this Read more

Purchase Your Subscriptions Now!

We know you're all shaking with excitement to find out what our next mainstage performances will be! Dry your eyes and get pumped because soon we will present the following plays and musicals in the Newhart Family Theatre: Proof | SEPT 25 - OCT 5, 2014 Directed Read more


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MNE_CC_640x360_smWhile “mnemonic” is one of the hardest words to pronounce phonetically (muh-neh-mon-ik?  Like what?); it is also one of most helpful.  Believe it or not, you use mnemonic devices to remember the order of the planets, the cardinal directions, or maybe even your address.  That idea of remembrance is central to the upcoming play at the Red Tape Theatre, aptly titled Mnemonic, which premiers Friday, September 5!

Epic in scale, Mnemonic attempts to weave together seemingly disparate stories about the search for a lost father, an ancient, frozen caveman, and the attempt to rekindle a lost love.  By stretching across time, space, climate, and people, Mnemonic seeks to answer how “we remember, what we remember, [and] why we remember.”  And maybe, just maybe, if the breadcrumb trail left by our ancestors is followed, we could learn more about ourselves than we imagined.  Featuring a long list of local and nationally renowned actors, Mnemonic proves to be an incredible production.  That is, if you can remember to see it.

Mnemonic will run from September 2 through October 5 at the Red Tape Theatre.  All performances will begin at 7:30 PM, except Sunday shows that will begin at 2 PM.  Ticket prices range from $5 - 15.  For a full list of show dates and links to purchase tickets, please click here.  For more information about the performance itself, including a list of the ensemble, please click here.

“Ecstasy” at A Red Orchid Theatre

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downloadThink about it: you make your triumphant return to Loyola’s campus after years of success in your career that was totally related to your major in undergrad.  You step in the doors of “Bar  63″ (or Hamilton 2.0, whatever it will be called in 20 years), order a drink, turn around, and see your old roommates sitting at the table right behind you!  Will it be fun, nostalgic, life-affirming, or really awkward?  Director Shade Murray has come to answer that question of whether time can heal all wounds, or just make them worse, in the new play Ecstasy, currently running till September 28 at the A Red Orchid Theatre!

With an illustrious career in the Chicago theatre scene, Shade Murray has worked to adapt Mike Leigh’s 1979 play that he says radiates “keenly observed humor, unexpected violence, and ordinary beauty” for the modern era.  In the production, four old friends run into each other while drinking, and as the booze and memories start flowing, they attempt to bridge the gap that time has created between them.  It manifests in song, dance, rage, and breakdowns, and it is surely a sight to behold at A Red Orchid Theatre.

Ecstasy will run from today until September 28 at the A Red Orchid Theatre, on a Thursday through Sunday schedule.  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday shows begin at 7:30 PM, and Sunday shows begin at 3 PM.  All performances range from $15-25.  To see the full calendar of performances and links to purchase tickets, please click here.  To read more about the play, including a list of actors, follow the link here.

Your Dreams of Joining the Circus Are Coming True

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Aerial Fabrics - SilksEver wish you could be a contortionist? Ever wish you could join the circus? Ever just want to touch your head to your butt? Of course!

The Actors Gymnasium is holding a Master Workshop on Contortion with the help of Olga Karmansky, a U.S. Champion in rhythmic gymnastics.

Karmansky’s workshop will help you become more flexible and master the art of contortion while increasing your range of motion. With injury-free stretching, the workshop will deliver effective results.

All students of all ages are welcome to sign up. However, the workshop does require the students to have their splits (or very close) along with experience with back-bends.

The workshop will be THIS Saturday from 10 AM – 12 PM at The Actors Gymnasium in Evanston.

Whether you’re a dancer, actor, circus performer, or just really want to touch your head to your butt, the Master Workshop on Contortion is right for you! Click here for more details and to sign up.