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She Loves Me, but She Loves Food more

Do you know that giddy, smiley feeling that you get when you’re in love? Where just the thought of them makes your heart flutter and stomach flip? Where you start to dream about their existence and your next encounter, hoping that they share the same feelings for you?  I have been lucky enough to feel this feeling every day, with a source that will never let me down – good food.  Although my love story isn’t as romantic as Georg and Amalia’s in She Loves Me (playing in the Newhart Family Theatre from April 15 – 24), I’d like to share my favorite restaurants with you in the hopes that you will find your true food love too.

Rub’s Backcountry Smokehouse, located at 6954 N Western Ave, has a perfect assortment of barbecue flavors that is sure to please anyone. If you’re looking for the feeling of a home cooked meal, this is definitely the place to go! All sandwiches and meals are cooked using wood burning smokers – this is the real deal guys. Did I forget to mention their house-made sides that are made fresh daily? Beat that dining hall food every single time. It was love at first bite for me and the Truffled Mac N Cheese (it’s only $4!) and we’ve been going strong ever since. And if I haven’t convinced you yet, try the Smoked BBQ Nachos and you’ll be in it for the long haul. Check out out the full menu here!

If you’re the kind of person who needs to explore their options before seriously committing, then Twisted Tapas is the place for you. Located just a few blocks away from Loyola’s campus at 1146 W Pratt Blvd, this place specializes in traditional and international fusion tapas and even has a brunch menu. My personal favorite dishes are the Black Bean Cakes (avocados are so good to me), the Chicken Meatballs and the Cucumber Salad. Each plate ranges from an affordable $5 to $12 and is the perfect spot to grab a bite with a few friends before seeing the show! Click here to see the wide variety of hot and cold tapas.

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Talent and Taste: A Talk with Tim Eidman, Choreographer & Actor in She Loves Me

“It’s very vanilla.”

Tim Eidman isn’t referring to his favorite ice cream, but rather his aesthetic for the upcoming mainstage musical She Loves Me. As a senior Theatre and Dance major, Eidman takes on the daunting but visionary duty of choreographing this large-scale theatrical production, and “[finding] its flavor.” Hence, his delicious description of vanilla!

So how does Eidman determine a show’s flavor, you might ask? It turns out that it takes a special sense of taste. “You have to find what makes that show unique and let the text and the music inform the movement vocabulary,” Eidman says. “And then, there’s room to throw your own style in there whenever you see fit.”

Tim in Senior Dance ShowcaseEidman claims that he is still figuring out his “own signature mark”, and attests that the Broadway legends who brought She Loves Me from page to stage over fifty years ago inspire him. Eidman lists the musical’s composers Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick (who are best known for their later hit Fiddler on the Roof), and the show’s original Broadway choreographer Carol Haney, as his muses. He also admires Haney’s mentors Jerome Robbins (famous for his work on The King and I and West Side Story) and Bob Fosse (acclaimed for his work on Pippin and Chicago) as well. In fact, Eidman states, “a lot of my musical theatre training has been from people who are deeply rooted in Fosse technique.” So, look forward to Eidman’s own spin on some sultry shoulder rolls and flirtatious finger snaps!

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The Evolution of She Loves Me


Looking forward to our upcoming production of She Loves Me? We here at the DFPA are too! It’s is truly a timeless classic – and when we say that, we don’t mean it in any vague or subjective sense. She Loves Me is just one iteration of a basic storyline that has appeared in at least five different works, ranging from plays to films to musicals. Here’s an interactive timeline of some of the most popular precursors, variations, and descendants of She Loves Me over the years.



Miklós László

1936: Parfumerie

Fun fact: The original title of the play was Illatszertár, which is the Hungarian word for a perfumery. Parfumerie, which is the better-known title of the play, is the word’s French equivalent.

The original source for the storyline of She Loves Me is a little-known play called Parfumerie, written by Hungarian playwright and American immigrant Miklós László. The play was written entirely in Hungarian, and premiered in Budapest in 1937.


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