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Who would guess that improv and  soap opera could come together to produce a successful show? Soap operas are an incredibly dramatized art form and creating that sort of scene on the fly requires impeccable teamwork and skill. It definitely is not an easy task, but Theatre Momentum is taking on the challenge to merge these two unlikely ideas together in their show, Consequence.
They attempt to tackle elaborate and complex plot lines on the spot, basing the premise of their show on a family of con artists in a sleepy small town.  What makes this show even more unique is that the cast members play the same characters each performance, but the scenes change each time.  This makes Consequence a show to be seen multiple times; You never know what is going to happen and it is fun to compare the character’s differing personalities between shows. Performed at Pendulum Space through April 25th with showtimes at 8:30 PM Friday-Saturday, Consequence will only cost you $10 to see. So buy your tickets and come see the show before it ends!
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Purchase Your Subscriptions Now!


The wait is finally over! We’re excited to announce our next mainstage performances for the 2015-2016 season. We know that you’re all dying to see the shows, so here is an opportunity to get a head start and buy all of your tickets in advance at a fantastic price. Place your order by August 30 and receive an additional early bird discount of $10 off your subscription!

Mainstage Shows Include:

Lend Me a Tenor 

The Life of Galileo 

A Doll’s House 

She Loves Me 

Why should I subscribe?

Patrons who purchase a subscription to our main stage productions will receive a host of benefits including:

  • The chance to renew the same seats every year!
  • Discount Pricing: Subscribe and save 25% on single ticket prices!
  • Can’t make a particular show? Unlimited free ticket exchanges!
  • Add on a music pass that will give you tickets to every music concert in our season, including Joyola and Lessons & Carols for only $25!
  • Free shuttle service to and from parking garage!
  • Add on special G row seating for Annual Dance Concert February 12-14 in the Mullady Theatre for only $10!

This year we will be accepting subscription reservations online! Simply click on the type of series below to purchase your subscription. You can also reserve subscriptions by e-mail, telephone, or mail by contacting us at BoxOffice@luc.edu or call us at 773.508.8400. All performances will be held in the Newhart Family Theatre and we hope to see you all there!

                                   Lend Me a Tenor        Life of Galileo        A Doll’s House        She Loves Me

First Friday Series              SEP 25                      NOV 13                 FEB 26                 APR 15

First Saturday Series         SEP 26                      NOV 14                  FEB 27                  APR 16

First Sunday Series           SEP 27                       NOV 15                  FEB 28                 APR 17

Second Thursday Series    OCT 1                        NOV 19                 MAR 3                  APR 21

Second Friday Series         OCT 2                        NOV 20                 MAR 4                  APR 22

Second Saturday Series     OCT 3                       NOV 21                  MAR 5                  APR 23

Second Sunday Series        OCT 4                       NOV 22                  MAR 6                 APR 24

If you would like to attend a variety of days, contact the Box Office to create a customized series package.

seating chart

$60 Section A Subscription (blue seats)
$45 Section B Subscription (yellow seats)
$30 Section C Subscription (green seats)

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Murder Ballad

560116_575908715776888_1460459488_nMURDER and SONG?! You heard right, folks. Time for a bleeding hearts and rockin’ beats!

Join Sara as she explores her way around the Upper West Side of New York City, and see how her life fits into the hustle and bustle of it all. Set as a rock musical focused on love, watch as Sara juggles an edgy bartender and a nice-guy from the suburbs. Bailiwick Chicago presents MURDER BALLAD, an up-and-coming work in the drama scene. For more information regarding this event, click here!

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