Exhibition Opening: DIY/XX

This Thursday, Oct. 23 is the opening reception of our next exhibition DIY/XX, Self-published graphic novels, mini comics and zines by women! The FREE reception will be held at the Ralph Arnold Gallery from 5 - 6:30 PM and will include FREE refreshments. Highlighting the work of Read more

Review and Reflect With Us!

Our Faculty Biennial: Review Reflect will be running until December 7th in the Newhart Promenade. Head on over to see the past and present works of the Loyola Fine Arts Faculty. All of the works will be displayed in with FREE access for all with public viewing hours Wednesday-Friday from 1-5 Read more

Purchase Your Subscriptions Now!

We know you all were shaking with excitement to find out what our next mainstage performances would be! Now that the cat's out of the bag, get pumped because the following plays and musicals could be a part of your future theatre experience all at Read more


Ionesco Suite

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Inspired by Eugène IonescoEmmanuel Demarcy-Mota‘s Ionesco Suite examines the work of one of his idols. Demarcy-Mota combines seven of Ionesco’s works, including The Lesson, and The Bald Soprano. This performance captures Ionesco’s personality and style, offering the audience twists, turns, and witty humor. Mota’s piece will open October 19 at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre on Navy Pier. Ionesco Suite will be presented en français. Est-ce que tu parles français? Oui? Très Bien! No? Don’t fret, Ionesco Suite will have captions throughout the show! So, regardless of your first language, you should swing by this website and purchase tickets today!

The Velveteen Rabbit at Lifeline Theatre

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velveteenWho doesn’t love bunnies? Follow Margery Williams’ classic book as it comes to life in Lifeline Theatre’s rendition of The Velveteen Rabbit.

Scared and alone, a small stuffed bunny hops into the nursery of a young child on Christmas day. With the help of her wise companion Skin Horse, the Velveteen rabbit finds her way into the boy’s life, creating a lasting relationship, and learning what it means to truly love someone.

The Velveteen Rabbit* premiers October 18 and runs through November 23, with shows on Saturday and Sunday from 11 AM- 1 PM. Tickets are $15.

For more information on this snuggly show, click here.

*Recommended for children ages five and up, children under the age of two will not be admitted.

Prepare your funny bone for Deep Schwa

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UntitledWD-40 is equal parts useful and satisfying.  Sure, you fixed that squeaky door with a quick spray.  But when you finally swing it shut and hear nothing but the smooth sailing of hinges ending in a nice resounding *clunk* of its completed journey, you can’t help but smile and stand in awe of the seamlessness of it all.  In that same vein, seeing an improv troupe that really knows their stuff, and can take the most ridiculous suggestions and turn them into works of art, that feeling of WD-40 like satisfaction comes rushing back.  See for yourself what this crazy analogy tried to describe by checking out the Deep Schwa improv team at the Harold Cabaret!

One of a large number of the iO Theatre’s improv comedy teams, Deep Schwa is one of the “theater’s oldest troupes.”   In this case, old means “experienced,” and that’s exactly what you want in an improv team.  Featuring veteran actors like Brett Lyons, Jeff Griggs, and Danny Mora, Deep Schwa will  keep you guessing, keep you interested, but more importantly keep you laughing.

Starting this Sunday, October 12, Deep Schwa will perform at the Harold Cabaret theatre beginning at 8:30PM, with tickets costing $12.  Future performances will be held on subsequent Sundays, at the same time with the same ticket price, until November 30.  For more info on the Deep Schwa team, please click the link here.  For more information on other teams in The Harold improv comedy troupe, please follow the link here.