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Farewell to The Phases of Galileo – Entry 13


We closed the show yesterday afternoon. Relief and sadness. Relief that we pulled it off. To be honest, my first reading of the script did not inspire me, and I thought afterwards, in subsequent reads and readings I grew very attached to the cranky old scientist revolutionary, I was never really confident that audience’s first view of the piece would enthrall. But I guess it did.

Mark Lococo, my husband, did such a great job of making Brecht accessible and strange and robust and beautiful all at the same time. And I ended up liking the play quite a bit, and I guess it translated well. My fellow performers were wonderful. Truly a memorable experience. The sadness is one that I am used to, and my student/actors are not–it’s time to let go of it, and move on. One of them asked me if I was ever sentimental anymore about a show closing. I said no. But no matter what the experience on a show, it’s always hard to close it.  I’m glad that I don’t have to yell at a class or two during the day, and then voice Galileo’s opinions for two and half hours at night. But that’s the only part of the experience that weighed on me. It’s a dark play that is intellectually effusive. It’s an angry play that is quite moving. I will think about it for a long time. One of the students received a star named “The Appeal to Reason” star in our honor. It was her closing gift to us all. I was so moved by it. And I was so gratified to know how much this experience meant to her. It has been my understanding that bad theatrical experiences are harder to leave than good ones. It’s harder to leave the meal that didn’t satisfy, or the troubled child, or the unfinished poem. This was a complete pleasure.

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Disney’s The Lion King


Come to Cadillac Palace Theatre as they celebrate the 18th year of The Lion King! It’s one the most popular stage musicals in the world with 22 global productions and has been seen by more then 80 million people. The score features music from the original film, including the unforgettable “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, and songs written specifically for the stage like “Shadowland”. The Lion King is the winner of six Tony Awards including Best Musical and boasts the Tony Award-winning director Julie Taymor, so it’s certainly not something to be missed.

Performances run from December 2 through January 17. Both afternoon and evening showtimes available. Tickets start at $35 and can be purchased here.

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Mark and Brandon Kill Demons

What do you get when you put a gay guy, a straight guy, alcohol, and drugs in one room? Apparently demon hunting?

Mark and Brandon are best friends, Mark is straight and Brandon is gay. In the play, Mark and Brandon Kill Demons, the two friends take on demon fighting while they drink, do drugs and deal in some downright debauchery. And of course, there’s romance too- they’ve got to put up with each other as Mark falls in love in the midst of Brandon’s heartbreak. These two anti-heroes take on comedy with a fresh outlook that is absolutely hilarious.

Mark and Brandon Kill Demons will be preformed Fridays at 9:30PM at the pH Comedy Theater through November 27th. Staying true to Mark and Brandon, the show is BYOB. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students, and can be purchased here.

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