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The Gilded Age: A Story of Today

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The key to some stories is in the title. Such is the case for Mark Twain’s novel, The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today. The subtitle of the story Mark Twain penned in 1873 remains an apt description today: it not only depicts a period in American history known for greed and corruption, but certain elements bear a striking resemblance to modern America as well.

Paul Edwards’ stage adaptation, renamed The Gilded Age: A Story of Today, is making its world premiere at Chicago’s City Lit Theater. The play follows the story of Laura Hawkins, a Tennessee beauty turned high-society lobbyist who will do whatever it takes to make her adopted family rich through a congressional land deal. Although some elements of the play, such as a steamboat race, are distinct markings of Twain’s time, others, such as Laura’s scandalous life and the questionable dealings among the lawmakers that surround her, call to mind our own. A satirical tour of Twain’s America with disquieting undertones, The Gilded Age is a timeless reflection on the unfavorable parts of how society, past and present, operates.

The Gilded Age will run Fridays and Saturdays through February 21. Tickets are $29, and can be purchased here.

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The [other] Odd Couple

If you’re a college student, you probably don’t remember the popular 1970s TV show, The Odd Couple. The show follows the lives of two men, Felix Ungar and Oscar Madison as they live together, attempting to make things work despite their polar personalities.

In 1985, Neil Simon, original writer for the TV show, revised his original script for a female cast and for the stage. The adaptation is basically the same storyline and same lead characters, except rather than Felix and Oscar, they’re Florence and Olive. The new The Odd Couple provides a much-needed contemporary update to this American classic!

Falls Patio Players perform their retelling in the North Middle School Auditorium on weekends until February 14th. Tickets are $15 ($13 for students), and can be found here!

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Sunset Baby

Heart SunsetBabyPost-300x300wrenching, historical, and dramatic perfectly describe Dominique Morisseau‘s internationally recognized play, Sunset Baby Morisseau, a New York City-based award-winning playwright, creates an authentic and historical play that centers around a fiercely independent NYC woman named Nina.   It’s mostly about the emotional, rocky relationship between her and her distant father, who was distracted with the infamous Black power movement throughout her childhood. After years of estrangement, Nina is visited by her father and together they uncover long-suppressed feelings and truths.  Their do-over relationship is touching, and truly encompasses the everlasting emotional father-daughter bond.  Morisseau does an exceptional job at creating a witty and moving story that creates power and emotion.
Sunset Baby performances are every Wednesday through Sunday until April 10 at TimeLine Theatre.  Tickets range from $22-$51 and can be purchased here or by calling 773.281.8463.  Buy your tickets soon and come see this cathartic hit!
For information about the play and tickets click here!
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