We all have 'em: hilarious or embarrassing public transportation stories. In a city like Chicago, it's pretty hard not to have heard a transportation story or two that will permanently be etched into your brain. If you haven't heard a good one in awhile Read more

Formal | Loose | Painting

This Thursday is our opening reception for our latest exhibit, Formal | Loose | Painting. Join us for refreshments, to speak with the curator, Jennifer Murray, and of course, to appreciate the contemporary abstract art! This event is FREE and will be held in the Ralph Read more

fml: How Carson McCullers Saved My Life

The time has finally come! Our third mainstage production, fml: How Carson McCullers Saved My Life will be featured on our Newhart Family Theatre stage these next two weekends! Join us for this contemporary play that explores cyber-bullying, homophobia and the complexity of being a Read more

Prism Walls: Sexual Identity and the Expression of Desire

This Thursday the Newhart Promenade will be featuring our new gallery exhibit, Prism Walls: Sexual Identity and the Expression of Desire. Join us for this FREE event from 5 - 6:30 PM to get a first look at the art which examines the moment when self-preservation and the Read more

Around Town

One Of A Kind Print Class

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Photo-Etching-5-585x370Interested in showing off your newly acquired artistry skills to your family over Spring Break? Then sign up for Spudnik Press’s Intaglio Printmaking class! No prior knowledge for art is required to create a beautiful, etched print. Etching, also known as Intaglio, is a unique technique where an image is engraved into a metal plate. Students will learn and practice the traditional making and printing process by beginning with basic line etching. As time and skill progress, tonality, color and additional marks will be added to the student’s piece to create a personalized work of art.

The Intaglio Printmaking class is taught by artist Carrie Lingscheit for 8 weeks, from 6:30-9:00 PM at Spudnik Press, located at 1821 W. Hubbard St. in Suite 302. Registration must be completed by March 8 to attend the start of class on Tuesday, March 10. Click here for more information about pricing and materials, as well as a list of more classes offered at Spudnik Press!

Two Trains Running

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Honoring the legacy of playwright August Wilson, the Goodman Theatre presents his classic play Two Trains Running. Set in Pittsburgh’s Hill District in 1969, the show explores a myriad of social issues that faced urban African American populations at that time. In the play, The Civil Rights Movement is affecting the lives the residents of The Hill District, rapidly changing their neighborhood. Community members meet daily at Memphis’ restaurant to gossip about the neighborhood and their shifting circumstances in this era of social change. The play provides insight into how the rapidly changing attitudes towards race affected inner-city communities such as The Hill District.

Two Trains Running will be performed March 7 – April 12. To purchase tickets and for more information, visit the Goodman Theatre’s website here.

Ancient Greek Shenanigans

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antagonickSideshow Theatre Company presents Antigonick, showcasing the ancient Greek tale of Antigone and her two late brothers. For those of you who aren’t die-hard english majors, let me provide a brief history of this infamous myth:

We all remember the story of Oedipus Rex and his accidental incestious relationship with his mother, right? Basically this highly regarded King of Thebes unknowingly kills his pops, and proceeds to bear a child with his mother; that child is named Antigone. After Oedipus connects the dots and realizes he has inadvertently procreated with his mother, he blinds himself and requires assistance getting around for the remainder of his life. During this time, Antigone’s two brothers quarrel over who would be the new King of Thebes– both men are murdered, and their Uncle Creon reigns supreme. Antigone is faced with a moral dilemma when Creon declares that only one brother can be buried.

This performance is presented by Sideshow Theatre Company, and will run from March 1 through the 5, with tickets going for $10. Click for more information regarding the show, or to purchase tickets today!