This Is Our Youth

This is Our Youth captures two days in the life of three young and lost New York souls: Warren, a thief, Dennis, his charismatic drug-dealing friend; and, Jessica, the out-of-league object of Warren’s affection. Set in the early 80's, this play gives a glimpse into a Read more

Purchase Your Preview Tickets NOW!

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. Due to popular demand, we are offering advanced sales of tickets for the preview performance of our main stage musical, Spring Awakening! If the very prospect of seeing the show doesn't excite you enough, then maybe Read more

The Jazz Combo Recital is Just Around the Corner

Book your seat today for the Jazz Combo Recital! For more details contact our box office at or call 773.508.8400. Consisting of of 2-6 members, these small Jazz groups will make you jump and jive via varied instrumentation.  These ensembles are coached and directed by various music department Read more


A title packed with playful parallelism, Ghostbuster is a provocative art exhibition tackling the universal struggle of battling past demons. Chicago painter Ryan Richey reveals the fragility of life as well as its inherent beauty with "humble magnificence" in this candid collection of works. The exhibit will run through Read more


Hey bloggers! Kyle McCloskey here. We’re moving right along during our second week of rehearsals and things have really started to get quite interesting. If you read the previous post, you know that at our first rehearsal, we did a read and sing through, Read more

Around Town

See Attachment at the Gorilla Tango Theatre

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I have personally never used Tinder. It’s not that I’m out of the loop, or not “with the cool kid trends.” Put simply, when you see profile pictures that look like this, this or even this, it becomes a very daunting experience to sort through the endless sea of faces. The good people at Slacktivist Abyss recognize this, and have put together a sketch comedy production to encapsulate the beauty, tragedy and sheer confusion of online dating. See Attachment, at the Gorilla Tango Theatre, will have its last performance TONIGHT.

Featuring multiple performances by a whole cast of loveless lackeys, See Attachment seeks to showcase how technology has both helped and hindered our ability to find that special someone. “Awkward” is the key word because dating itself is especially awkward. Be it the office, the bar or the living room, there is no escape from the weirdness that See Attachment encapsulates. Grab some friends, charge your phone, and prepare to laugh!

See Attachment will run at the Gorilla Tango Theatre, located at 1919 N. Milwaukee Avenue. The final performance date is Wednesday, March 25, with the doors opening at 7:30 PM. Tickets cost $10 online, and $12 at the door. For more information on the performance, please follow the link here. To see what else the Gorilla Tango Theatre has in store, check out their homepage here.

Dual Opening: Crush, Gush and Sequestered Spaces

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Kate-WEB-585x370What’s better than an art exhibit is TWO art exhibits concurrently being held at the same time and place. Spudnik Press Cooperative is treating visitors to an art reception for both Crush, Gush: a solo exhibition by Kate McQuillan and Sequestered Spaces by Adrienne Miller.  This unique experience incorporates each artist’s varying styles and provides visitors the chance to make the most out of their art experience. Kate McQuillan uses the printing press, a traditional art tool that creates art through intense pressure. The theme stands as the natural elements and processes of earth and is portrayed through the crushing of physical elements including oil and diamonds. McQuillan plays on humans fascination with objects from the depths of Earth and uses these objects to show the amazing website-frontslide3capabilities of the environment.  Adrienne Miller on the other hand takes more of a landscape approach to art.  She creates print works that display the communication between the environment and human emotion. Miller works to illicit an emotional response from the viewers, asking them through her art to address themselves and their own environment. Though differing in their techniques, their Earth-incorporated themes allow both artist’s exhibits to compliment each other well.

This event will be taking place on Saturday March 28 from 6-9 PM with Crush, Gush: a solo exhibition by Kate McQuillan in the annex and Sequestered Spaces by Adrienne Miller in the print shop. Don’t miss this incredible experience provided by two great artists.

For more information click here!


Music Box Theatre Presents…

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Living in Chicago, we all try searching for hidden treasures. Some find them in film and fashion, some in books and burgers. The Music Box Theatre never fails to be the treasure chest to all of the best gems in film. Next week the theatre premieres yet another masterpiece: the feature length documentary of Nelson Algren –“one of the most underrated and influential writers of the twentieth century.” Dubbed by some as the “greatest American writer,” Algren poses much public controversy with his chosen subject matter – Chicago’s pimvHY2e371QMUBwjzC-5DkGyCTjKmD_TAiI_QyV0sfbZA_610_407shar_s_c1ps, prostitutes, drug addicts and criminals. This documentary juxtaposes never-before-seen footage with new recordings and photos to display all of Algren’s greatness in discovering raw, underclass America.

Come see the film at The Music Box Theatre, located at 3733 N. Southport Ave. Algren: The Movie will open Saturday, March 28. Please click here to buy tickets and to find for more information.