Student Directing Scenes

Theatre students in Loyola's directing class will be taking a seat in the director's chair for the first time! Come and support these future directors on Saturday, April 26, at 9 AM. Yes, it's in the morning, but it's also FREE. Watch their creative imaginations Read more

Coming Soon: New Plays Festival

This Saturday, April 26, watch students perform plays directed by Loyola's Department of Fine and Performing Arts faculty. Held at the  Newhart Family Theatre at 7:30 PM, this event is free but tickets are going by fast! Be sure to book YOUR ticket, or more, today! For Read more

Coming Soon: Classical Chamber Recital

On Friday, April 25, classical student musicians will be performing in this end of the semester concert at the  Skowronski Music Hall. The performance will start at 7:30 PM and tickets will range from $5 - 10. End your long week listening to various pieces at the Read more

Coming Soon: Jazz Showcase

This Wednesday, on April 23, Loyola's Jazz Chamber and Jazz Ensemble will be performing their end of the semester showcase. Come support the musicians at 7:30PM. Tickets range from $5 - 10! For more information of this jazzy performance, click Read more

Inform Yourselves About the Spring Dance Informance

Loyola's infant dance program is growing up and this Friday the Loyola dance students will showcase their work from this semester with the Spring Dance Informance. From ballet to modern dance, all levels and types of dance will be performing over at the Mullady Theatre Read more

Around Town

“Willy Wonka” at the Music Box Theatre

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As kids hunting for candy-filled eggs on Easter, we’ve all had to deal with some pretty zany competition (I mean other kids): the one who eats everything he comes across, the one who just asks her dad to buy her some Easter eggs, and the one who is too focused on the T.V. to bother searching.  Despite any potential bad memories of missed candy eggs, the best remedy is to immerse yourself in candy-glory.  And what better place than at the Music Box Theatre, where on APR 20 they will screen “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” as apart of their Easter Special!

The story of a poor boy who comes upon a Golden Ticket that lets him get a tour of the massive chocolate factory of a secretive and eccentric candy mogul, “Willy Wonka” is a movie fit for any age or level of sugar intake.  What’s more, the Music Box Theatre will provide candy-filled goodie bags to make the chocolate-y experience of the movie a reality.  If you want to really dive into the Wonka lifestyle, this event will also feature a costume contest.  So come in your best Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt, or Oompa Loompa get-up and spend your Easter with the Music Box Theatre and “Willy Wonka!”

The Music Box Theatre Easter Movie screening will begin at 2:00PM on APR 20.  Advance tickets cost $8.00 for children and $12.50 for regular attendees.  To purchase tickets online, please follow the link here.  To read more about the movie and the Easter special, check out the link here.

In the Garden

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The debate between adherents of Evolution and Intelligent Design is, quite literally, as old as life itself.  Some say the debate is over, others say the other side is completely bonkers. Some try fiercely to disprove the other, and others are still searching for answers.  Whatever your take is on the issue, let the folks at the Lookingglass Theatre open up the oft-forgotten human element of the debate, in their currently running play “In the Garden: A Darwinian Love Story” at the Water Tower Water Works.

Charles Darwin is a scientist’s scientist.  His book On the Origin of Species details his research pointing towards evidence for humanity’s evolution by means of natural selection.  Therefore, it is strange to know his romantic partner, Emma Wedgwood, was devoutly religious.  To be expected, there would be some head-butting and a clash of ideals.  However, as “In the Garden” will show, through their genuine skepticism and respect for one another, their love was able to persist “in the space between science and faith.”

“In the Garden: A Darwinian Love Story” will run from now until JUNE 15 at the Lookingglass Theatre’s Water Tower Water Works, located at 821 N. Michigan Avenue (Chicago, IL, 60611).  Showtimes begin at 3:00PM or 7:30PM, depending on the day you choose.  Tickets range from $30 – $70 based on seating preferences.  To see a complete list of show dates and links to purchase tickets online, please click the link here.  To learn more about the show, please call their Ticket Office at 312.337.0665 or visit the official website.

Bad Grammar

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This Friday marks the third of the month, and Bad Grammar Theater returns to Powell’s Bookstore to host April’s reading series from 6 PM to 9 PM.

The series features horror, fantasy, pulp fiction, and science fiction selections by Chicago authors, and will be held at Powell’s University Village location in the back room.

The event is free, and guests are free to come and go as they please throughout the night. Learn more about Bad Grammar by liking their Facebook page or following them on Twitter!