Meet the Simplexity Artists

Across much of the globe, access to vast amounts of quickly and widely distributed information is a key component of everyday life. “Unfortunately, our ability to generate information can rapidly overwhelm our capacity to understand it. One of the greatest challenges of the information age involves finding patterns and making meaningful connections from the mountains of data.”

Data visualization (also known as infographics) is a powerful and creative means of achieving this end and, as such, will be the focus of our upcoming exhibition Simplexity. With each piece of work in this collection we will explore the many methods and innovative approaches to the task of sharing knowledge.

The opening reception will be held at 5 PM on Thursday, November 12th. The exhibition will run through January 23rd!

Check below for a sneak peak at the featured artwork and the creative minds behind them!


Featured Artists: 

Michael Newhouse

Peter Crnokrak


Sam Potts

Similar Diversity (Andreas Koller and Philipp Steinweber)

Ward Shelley

Sofya Karash

Christoph Frei


Christian Nold

Andy Woodruff and Ben Sheesley

Nicholas Feltron

Christina Van Vleck

Marc Tiedemann, Karen Henschel, and Pierre la Baume




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