Principal Principle


If there’s one question that perfectly encapsulates the current U.S. education troubles, it is the quote from former President George W. Bush, who once pondered: “Is our children learning?”  While there are plenty of examples of high-achieving schools, there seem to be just as many examples of classrooms that are failing to make the grade.  Joe Zarrow, who was a former teacher, has written a play about his experience with teaching in a CPS school.  Called Principal Principle, it is a comedic and profound insight into the daily struggles of modern teachers, and it is running from APR 12 to MAY 18 at Theatre Wit in Belmont.

The lead character of the play, Kay, is seeking to join the teaching realm of Chicago in order to shake up the system and change lives.  Sadly her enthusiasm runs headlong into some harsh realities of teaching, where she finds “the copy machine, the system, and the spirits of her fellow teachers…all broken.”  Yet Principal Principle takes on that daunting subject with a darkly comedic spin, which serves to highlight the somewhat ridiculous nature of public education, and give the education system a pure emotional center that can’t ever be crushed.  Through Kay’s trials and tribulations, the audience will get “a peek at the politics behind the closed doors of the teachers’ lounge,” and see how not all enthusiasm is misplaced.

Principal Principle will run from APR 12 until MAY 18 at the Theatre Wit.  The performances on APR 12, 13, 16, and 17 are preview shows, with APR 18 serving as the true opening night.  The show will begin at 8:00PM on the Thursday – Saturday shows (as well as the Wednesday APR 16 performance), and at 3:00PM on the Sunday shows.  Ticket prices range from $18 – 27 dollars depending on the night you chose.  For more information on the show, please click the link here.  To see performance dates and purchase tickets online, please follow the link here, or call the Theatre Wit at (773)-975-8150.

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