Free Dada Theatre Experience with Tristan Tzara’s “The Gas Heart”

It’s not everyday we seek out ways to get confused by what we see.  As people seeking ways to make sense of everything, sometimes a bit of abstract ridiculousness is exactly what we need.  Well, look no further than the wonderful art style of “Dada,” here to confuse and befuddle you in the most artistic way possible!  And if you’re looking for a play that perfectly exemplifies that, try out the ongoing performance of Tristan Tzara’s The Gas Heart at The Nine Theatre!

What emerged from the global horror of World War I, many artists found it tough to accurately represent the atrocities experienced by the modern world.  As a respite, they resorted to the abstract, the illogical, and sometimes the insane.  In this way, the Dada movement was formed, and has had a heavy hand in postmodern, pop, and anti-art forms the world over.  There is no better example of this confusing style than The Gas Heart, written in 1921.  Staged in three acts, it is actually short enough to be considered a one act by modern standards.  When it was originally premiered, the conflict between Tzara and his artistic contemporaries resulted in a riot.  From a play that features ballet dancing, characters named after body parts, and an ending scene complete with on-stage doodles, it’s tough to see how a riot didn’t happen in rehearsals.  However, despite it’s apparent disorder, the play is an excellent example of a skewering of conventional theatre, and the Dada movement itself.  With free admission, you can’t afford to not see “The Gas Heart!”

The performance will run from now until NOV. 23, with shows on Fridays and Saturdays at 10PM, and Sundays at 3PM, including an extra performance on NOV 18 at 8PM.  All performances will be at The Parlor, located at 1434 N. Western Ave.  While the event is free, you must send an email reservation to The Nine Theatre Group  at, including your name, the number of seats you want, and the date of the performance you want to see.  For more information on The Gas Heart, click here.

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