Curator’s Tour at MCA

Everyone knows Andy Warhol, right? Yeah, you got it – the guy who made all those cool multi-color prints of soup cans and people’s faces! But did you know about his friend and fellow artist/source of inspiration Marisol Escobar? I know I didn’t until I heard about the Museum of Contemporary Art’s exhibition MCA DNA: Warhol and Marisol.

Warhol and Marisol were friends and influences on one another, even at times featuring the other artist in their own work. The exhibition will focus on comparing and contrasting Warhol and Escobar’s works, putting them on display side-by-side so that guests can appreciate the influence of each artist on the other’s work.

The exhibition will be held Tuesday, October 29, at 12 PM at the Museum of Contemporary Art (220 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, 60611) and will be led by curatorial assistant Karsten Lund. The cost of attendance is covered by the regular admission fee, which is normally $7 for a student with an ID… except for the fact that admission is FREE for Illinois residents on Tuesdays! How convenient that the exhibition is also on a Tuesday! So unless you’ve got class or work on Tuesdays at noon, you have no excuse not to check it out!

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