Beautiful Decay

New Works by Gallery Artistscreation: [kree-ey-shuhn]: noun – the act of producing or causing to exist; the act of creating;

destruction: [dih-struhk-shuhn]: noun Рthe condition of being destroyed; demolition; annihilation.

How could two such dissimalar words be used to describe and emcompass one art exhibition? It was the task of four artists to complete such a feat and they were able to succeed as their work is being displayed at The Chicago Art Source Gallery from now until November 2.

Jeffrey Allen Price, Yvette Weijergang, Charles Shotwell & Lynn Basa‘s exhibition, Beautiful Decay, features a modern twist on art using natural elements. Creation and destruction merge as one to put beauty and morality in a new perspective for viewers and give a whole new thrill¬†to art in a modern and decaying society.

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