Tips For Freshmen: Keys and IDs

I am absolutely notorious for my ability to lose or forget anything and everything. But, as newbies on the college scene, there are some things you all should really try to keep track of. Otherwise, you shall face a flood of fees.


A little golden piece of metal molded just right so it fits in to that special door, opening the gates to your one and only sanctuary in this hell fire they call college. Maybe that was a bit over the top, but you get my drift. Your dorm room key is pretty important for being so tiny. Its significance mostly stems from the ridiculously expensive replacement fee you will pay if you lose it.

A lost key costs just about one hundred twenty ‘buckaroos’ to replace. There goes your ability to go anywhere or buy anything¬† for the next two months. Remember kids, you are¬† a struggling college student now. You can’t afford fines like this. Just be responsible like me and put a GPS tracker on your dorm key. Problem solved.

This little shiny piece of plastic with, more times than not, quite an unflattering picture of your face on it it, is undeniably crucial to your survival at Loyola. Without it, you can accomplish just about nothing at all. You can’t get into dining halls, you can’t ride on 8-ride, you can’t ride the shuttle, you can’t access your flex dollars. In other words, you will pretty much die.

Slighty random story time. Last year I lost my ID. It was a tragic day. I bought a new one–which has a price of a whopping twenty-five bucks by the way–and everything was fine and dandy. Until I received an email about five minutes later telling me they found my original one and it was located at the Simpson front desk. Talk about bad timing Loyola. Just keep up with these little identification cards guys and you should be good to go.

Hope you learned a little something!


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