Tips For Freshmen: Being You

So I guess I should warn everyone, it’s about to get all Oprah on this blog. I think I have spent enough weeks addressing the need to know basics of college life. It seems like an appropriate time for some pointers that go deeper than just the surface.


Last year, I found myself constantly getting lost in all the bright lights of college. All the personalities, styles, and interests sometimes made it difficult to find my place. Who was I? Who should I be? What should I like? How Should I act? These were all questions that plagued me.

But after some life lessons, I learned something pretty important. If there is one thing you all should remember when you begin to lose yourself, it is that being you is the greatest person you can be!

No one does a better you than you! There is no point in trying to transform into a person you think people will admire. It’s much better to be appreciated for who you really are as opposed to who you think you should be. Stick to being true to yourself. Being genuine and honest to who you are will cultivate real friendships and connections that don’t need any sparkly decorations to seem awesome. And always keep in mind that not everyone in the world is meant to befriend you. Except if you are Johnny Depp. Everyone knows Johnny Depp is loved by all. So don’t fret if little miss class sassy pants doesn’t invite you to lunch with the other kids. You will get ’em next time champ.

You also have to remember that you have a brain. I didn’t even take Anatomy in high school and I know that! With a brain comes great responsibility. You are able to make decisions and, therefore, hold the weight of your own choices. You don’t have to follow any footsteps unless you want to. Follow your heart, or your gut, or any other body part that you’d like. As long as you are following you, everything should end up peachy keen.

Marching to the beat of your own drum will bring about more adventures and growth than you may have ever imagined. Your individuality is a gift! College is a time to find out who you really are. But, you can only do that if you experience it as your true self.

Hope you learned a little something!


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