Tips for Freshmen: Keep Your Classmates Close


Now I can confidently say the following statement without a moment of hesitation: sometimes people suck. We can be rude, underhanded, judgmental, and just plain…..sucky. But, in the case of surviving the college experience, sometimes you have to put the detestation aside and focus on what  will be best for you in the long run.

And what’s best for your future college self is to make connections with people in your class. Not only could you end up with a few new amigos–and, therefore, relieve yourself from the lonely seclusion of life as a hermit crab–you could also gain some soldiers  for your army in the fight against class failure.

Making friends with students means possible study groups. Contrary to what you may believe, you don’t know everything, little ones. this means, sooner or later, you will need some help. Making connections with fellow students can make for a realiable study contact in your phone. They can get you out of a jam when you are confused about what’s going on in class or if you need more than just your head to study with before the big exam.

Another fantastic plus is that you have a back up if you miss your class. Say you come down with a good old case of the bubonic plague or something. there is no need to fret, for you man on the inside. Your friends in class can email you or let you borrow the notes to copy and maybe even give a brief synopsis of what was covered in class.

Just remember, the door swing both ways. Don’t refrain from returning the favor when those same friends are in need of your assistance.

There were countless times when my friends saved my tush from academic peril. Don’t underestimate the long-term benefits of a simple ‘Hello’ in the classroom.

Hope you learned a little something!

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