Tip for Freshmen: Scheduling


 In college, having an accurate and reliable schedule can be crucial. Well, it is if you are a space cadet like me. So that you remember all your most important dates, assignments, meetings, tests, etc., here is a few things to remember when compiling your schedule. Listen closely, or end up like me: sprinting to your  Environmental Science final three minutes before it begins while resembling the Kraken from the deep on a bad hair day.

Use Symbols Or Colors To Organize: It is really easy to mix up your activities on a calender. Try using highlighters, colorful pens, or even stickers to organize schedule according to their theme. This should minimize unnecessary confusion.

Details Details: The more detailed the calender, the better: Having time intervals or an area for writing notes will keep you that much more in tune with your daily activities.

Include Reminders: If necessary, put reminders on the days leading up to the event. This will keep you aware everything you may need to do in order to prepare.

Not a fan of physical calenders? Try these online versions: Outlook Calender (you LUC email), Google Calender, Zoho Calender, Cozi Family Organizer, or Jibidee Free Online Calender

If you check your agenda every day and keep it up to date as well as organized, your first year will be a lot less stressful.

Hope you learned a little something!

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