Three Exhibitions at Packer Shopf Gallery

From February 22 – March 30, the Packer Shopf Gallery exhibits the incomparable works of three exceptionally talented and unique artists. Artist, Elanor Spiess-Ferris presents her collection: Fecundity, a noun which has been said to describe creativity as well as a fruitful condition within nature in addition to her own being. Nature has been the most  fertile source of Elanor’s ideas and works for this collection as she listens and acknowledges nature’s existence and acquires the innate ability to create amazing artwork.

The pieces presented in the exhibition, Peter Karklins’ Mother eARTh, are filled with forms that are unparalleled due to their connectivity and boundlessness.  At fist glance, one is stricken by the grotesque quality of the pieces. Yet, “beneath this ugliness pulses something so beautiful that it is almost sublime”. In  Karklins’ showcase, the pieces blur the line completely between elements such as  man and woman,  human and animal, or animal and nature. His drawings were most notably created during his night shifts as a security guard and captured the attention of both DePaul philosophy professors and the University of Chicago Press.

Don Di Sante has been said to feel misplaced in time, this is paralleled in his work within the traditional style of portrait painting. For Di Sante, his collection, It Was Not His Own Tale He Was Telling, signifies a connection to the past and a welcomes a disconnect from the present. Di Sante is an artist that finds much to explore and excites in the knowledge of infinite possibilities that accompany the confines of portraiture artwork.

The bold and brave perspectives of these artists are sure to make a unmistakably influential exhibition.

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