Make A Scene

Many theatre or arts majors often get asked the same questions like: “You’re majoring in what?!” and “So, what are you supposed to do with a major like that?”

Check out this interview with Dr. Mark E. Lococo, Loyola’s own, and Vice President of the Association for Theatre in High Education as he gives his thoughts on the value of arts education. A theatre education can not only add value to a college experience, but also benefit future employment opportunities.

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    Paul McMahon

    I really enjoyed Dr. Lococo’s thoughtful comments, and could not agree more. As an attorney, I attended the trial lawyers college, intended to make good lawyers great lawyers. We spent a good amount of our time with an acting coach who was teaching us to engage others in an authentic way, even holding the other persons hand as we gave a closing argument to open us up to a different way of thinking about ourselves and the importance of our authenticity. Theatre should certainly be required for law school, as well as apparently for business as Dr. Lococo said.