The Art of Anatomy

The International Museum of Surgical Science is hosting two exhibitions as a part of their Anatomy in the Gallery series which explores the area where contemporary art meets medicine and the body. The exhibitions, New Kingdoms and Expulsion, will be on display through February 24th.

New Kingdoms, a photography exhibition by Alison Carey, includes over 25 prints from a series Carey created inspired by experiments currently being done in tissue engineering. She recreated the process in her studio, sculpting and classifying her own creations. She then created portrait photographs that have backdrops of painted canvas. The result is art that appears to display the  future of evolution.

Michael Reedy‘s exhibition of works on paper, titled Expulsion, creates a new look for the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. He combined realistic depictions of the Biblical characters with medical illustration and cartooning. His images display the pair not only nude, but also stripped of layers of skin and muscle. Their surroundings feature grotesque images and surreal shapes. The contrast creates a commentary on physical life, tragedy and the fragile body.

Both exhibitions promise to be unlike anything you have seen before. Admission to the museum, which includes entry to the Anatomy in the Gallery series, is $10 for students with I.D. or $15 for the public. For more information about the exhibitions, click here.

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