Introducing Tartuffe!


As we enter our third week of school the spring semester is off to a speedy start and Loyola’s Theatre Department is hard at work on its upcoming mainstage production, Tartuffe.

I’m Sara Augustinas and as the dramaturg and assistant director for the production I will report on the show’s progress for the next several weeks.

For those of you who are not familiar, Tartuffe is a 17th century farce written by Jean Baptiste Molière. The play is a comedic masterpiece inspired by Italian commedia dell’ arte and 17th century French society. A neoclassical work, the play adheres to Aristotelian unities of time and takes place in the course of a day, employs the use of stock characters, and is written entirely in rhyming couplets.

First produced in 1664, it was controversial in its subject matter and was banned by King Louis XIV, despite his close friendship with Molière. In fact, the play needed to be re-written two more times before it was allowed to be performed. Tartuffe focuses on the chaos that ensues when a religious hypocrite named Tartuffe invades the home of the oblivious Orgon and his family, wreaking havoc left and right.  The characters in Tartuffe are  ruthless as they scheme, cheat, swindle, and love and lust after one another until the play’s very end, making this play a fast-paced and entertaining journey.

While only a brief overview, hopefully, I’ve piqued your interest. I’ll be posting for the next several weeks so please follow the production’s progress here on the DFPA’s Arts Alive blog! It’s not to be missed!

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