Second Annual Open House Chicago

Have you ever walked past one of the city’s magnificent buildings and wondered what secrets its walls could hold? Now Chicagoans of all ages can discover the mysteries, histories, and elaborate artistic designs behind over 150 of Chicago’s most iconic spaces.

From October 13th to 14th, the Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF) will be hosting the second-annual Open House Chicago, a free, city-wide, behind-the-scenes look at a multiplicity of architectural works the Windy City boasts.

Participants of Open House Chicago will explore ancient stone mansions, hidden rooms, peaceful places of worship, private clubs, retro theatres, swanky hotels, community murals, and more—all for free! OHC allows you to explore buildings that tell the stories of Chicago’s past and present residences and the culture they brought to the city. By venturing into diverse neighborhoods for self-guided exploration, OHC participants come together to celebrate community through the beauty and stories of the buildings we pass by every day.

Loyola University’s very own Madonna della Strada Chapel, Mundelein Center of the Fine and Performing Arts, and Information Commons will be featured among the tour of esteemed buildings.

So whether you’re majoring in architecture, a Chicago history buff, or a wannabe explorer of the antique and undiscovered, Open House Chicago is an experience not to be missed!

To plan your OHC weekend, use the site list and map pages of their website or pick up a copy of the Open House Chicago Event Guide in the October 11th Chicago Tribune. If you have additional questions, please visit their FAQs page.

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