Christmas Dearest

It seems entirely plausible that some folks may have seen every Christmas-themed piece of media available in their lifetime. The good ones, like A Christmas Story and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer stand the test of time (even if the stop-motion Abominable Snowman is excessively creepy now). But subsequent attempts at capturing the same spirit seem lacking, no matter how many relatives of Santa Claus it turns out there are. Thank goodness for Hell in a Handbag Productions, who have injected some much needed life into the genre with Christmas Dearestwhich opens this Sunday!

Taking the place of their long-running Christmas special Rudolph the Red-Hosed Reindeer, this production stars the lyricist of the former, David Cerda. In this new play, he stars as Joan Crawford, movie icon of the ’30s and ’40s in an under-appreciated role. Simply put, “Jesus has all the best lines, the costumes aren’t sexy at all, and the guy playing Joseph is a big clumsy oaf.” In full Scrooge-ian form, Crawford must navigate long lines of assistants looking for charity, on CHRISTMAS of all days! Here’s hoping she emerges from the event a changed movie star. There’s only one way to find out, though. Go see Joan and the whole cast ham it up for the holidays!

Christmas Dearest will begin its holiday run this Sunday, November 29 at Mary’s Attic, located at 5400 N. Clark Street. It will run through December 29. Tickets cost from $15 – 25, and can be purchased online here. For more information about the show, including a complete list of performance dates and times, follow the link here.

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Caroling at the Bean!

Did the rumors of snow get you excited? I know it did for me! Snow means that the holidays are just around the corner! With snowflakes and frozen fingers come fond memories of fireplaces, hot chocolate, family and presents. Oh, and I missed one. CAROLING!

With decorations going up all around town, it’s clear that this year, Chicago has quite a list of wintertime events planned. Get your festivity on with other holiday-loving folks at the Bean! Listen and join in on the classic carols with different choral groups from all around the city. And who knows, Santa might even make an appearance!

Performances will be in the evenings on November 27, December 4, December 11, and December 18. Don’t miss out on a fantastic chance to get in on some holiday cheer!

More details can be found here.

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I Saw You

The train car was just jam-packed with people so I was forced to stand as we jerked past the Fullerton Red Line stop toward Howard. My tired eyes, witnesses of a long day, gaze out at the moving world decorated with the glowing lights of the city. Eventually people begin to empty out of the train car, I begin to study the faces of others on my train: an older gentleman clutching his cane as he sits down, staring out a window mumbling to himself, a mother and her two children who can’t seem to sit still. Then, my I notice a girl, perhaps my age, who’s been sneaking a few glances at me. We make eye-contact for a fraction of a second and immediately look away. We continue to share glances as the train progresses. She’s pretty and I want to talk to her. But I don’t. Instead, I get off the train at my stop, giving the girl one last glance, never to see her again.

Missed connections; we all have them. People meet in random places, they say ‘goodbye’, and never see each other again. Others like myself, who are less bold, suppress the urge to initiate conversation in the first place! In either case, we are left with nothing but regret. We go on with our lives realizing that we missed out on the possibility of making new friends and creating strong relationships with others. There’s a distinct desire to find this person again, to continue the conversation. But how? It was out of this phenomena that online forums and personal advertisement platforms were created! Now, we can temper that initial regret by tapping into the internet’s informative capacities, hoping our missed connection will one day see it.

I Saw You is a performance that presents multiple anonymous postings from personal advertisement or missed connection forums from all over the city! Some are romantic, others humorous, but all very worthy of being read or listened to!


I Saw You will be performed by The Bruised Orange Theater Company at Hamburger Mary’s, a local hamburger joint here in Edgewater! The next showing is Monday, December 7th at 8 PM. Tickets are only $5 and with a bit more money, you can enjoy a delicious meal with the hilarious show. Click here to learn more!

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