Esperanza Rising at Depaul University

Esperanza Rising Vertical

Esperanza Rising follows the early life of Esperanza Ortega after the tragic murder of her father. Driven from her home in Mexico, Esperanza must flee to the United States with her family, away from her greedy uncle who wants to take over the family business. In the United States, Esperanza finds that her life would only complicate further as she learns of the struggles of caring for herself and her family. A truly intriguing production, Esperanza Rising will be performed by The Theatre School at DePaul University.

Tickets will be sold for $10, click here to learn more about performance dates and ticket pricing!


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Oh Baby, Baby, it’s Babes in Arms

Tickets for PORCHLIGHT MUSIC THEATRE - BABES IN ARMSTeenagers putting on a musical show? Lawmen being annoying? Strict parents not helping with anything? Must be Babes in Arms! Originally a Broadway show, Babes in Arms has, in recent years, fallen to the backs of audiences’ minds. But it’s truly a dynamic story of two teenagers whose parents are attempting to revive vaudeville. The youngsters follow suit in an attempt to avoid getting sent to a work farm. With upbeat music and a rebellious attitude, Babes in Arms is perfect for any theatre lover!

As part of the Porchlight Revisits… series, the performance is preceded by a “Behind the Show Backstory” multi-media presentation by Michael Weber. Performances are at 7:15 PM from October 6 through October 8 at Stage 773. Tickets for Babes in Arms are $30 in advance and $35 at the door, and can be found here.

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Come One, Come All

Circuses aren’t just lion tamers and strongmen anymore. Nowadays, it’s closer to contortionist acrobatics, multicultural dance teams, and people riding motorcycles around the interior of large metal balls. Of course elephants and zebras are still part of Universoul Circus, but the focus with this act is displaying the creative freedom of people from around the world. This diverse troupe of performers combines the classic circus act with urban music and their distinctive artistry, culminating in a conclusion that you’re guaranteed to remember for years.

Universoul Circus is in Chicago’s Washington Park until October 18, with performances multiple times per day on every day but Tuesday. Tickets range from $15 to $35 and can be purchased here. And, as a bonus, Universoul Circus has world-renowned funnel cakes. If that catches your attention at all. Don’t waste any more time and get your tickets now!

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