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Celebrate in the midst of your fellow community members with the third annual summer street festival, EdgeFest!
Poster11x17_Edge14v4Come August 2 and 3, 2 live stages, an interactive kids’ area, and heaps of fantastic art and food from local vendors will combine to form this rockin’ celebration. There will be a $5 suggested donation at the gate, $10 for families. Good thing about paying the donation is that you automatically receive an Edge Card. This pass qualifies you for a one-time 10% discount to over 40 participating Edgewater businesses!
A new feature this year is the opportunity for FREE beer. Yes, you heard me right. If you provide a receipt dated 7/28/14 – 8/3/14 totaling $30 or more from select Edgewater businesses, you will receive a free beer token!
Does Edgefest sound like the chance you’ve been waiting for to get involved? They are always in use of some extra sets of hands at the festival. Simply email with your preferred day to volunteer, and you will be all set to assist!
We are looking forward to yet another successful year for this summer festival, and we hope to see you there! For more information on the event, check out the EdgeFest FAQ.

Now What?: Upperclassmen Interviews

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10. Wise Words From Upperclassmen to Carry You Throughimages (1)

I know that I am basically all-knowing when it comes to advice about the second year, but even the best need a helping hand sometimes. To provide an even more encompassing and rich selection of informative tips for you all, I decided to assemble the troops. This week’s post will feature guest appearances from a couple of my pals that know exactly what it’s like having to survive sophomore year. I formulated a special questionnaire about sophomore and upperclassmen life which my amigos kindly provided excellent answers for below. Listen up, friends, for a trove of choice lessons are heading your way.

1. Is there one piece of advice you wish you would have received as an incoming sophomore?

  • no-free-advice-590Upper level classes can be a real pain. - “I thought I had my class schedule under control and that I could totally take two writing intensive History courses in one semester.  NOPE.  My social life regressed considerably because of all the time I had to devote to keeping my academic head above water.” Make sure to keep a good balance between academics and social life by registering the difficulty of of your classes. You may get overwhelmed otherwise.
  • “Get an internship or a job of some sort.” - As I touched on in my Internships post, it’s never a bad idea to start building your resume.
  • “It’s vital to take time daily to take care of yourself.” - Some students easily get caught up in all the hullabaloo of everyday college duties and forget to take time for themselves. Be sure that “whatever your happy place/activity is, you practice it every single day. This not only gives you time to unwind and clear your head, but it’ll help you to refocus and do better on whatever lies ahead.”
  • Know your limits and where there’s room to grow. - “Know your limits where stretching them would be unhealthy,” such as  consistently writing essays the night before to stay on schedule. But, “know where you can grow as a person, by trying out new school groups, activities, etc.”

2. What is the biggest change you remember experiencing in the transition from a freshman to a sophomore?

  • Housing – “The housing was a big change. After sharing a tiny room with another person in Mertz, I was thrilled to have a little more space in Bellarmine.
  • Declaring majors – “When you declare your major, you get a road map of exactly what you have to take/fulfill to graduate. Then you really dive head first into the thick of your studies.” If you imagine a river with two banks, “you’ve left the shore and are in the middle of the river. You can see the end is in sight, but you have to decide if you want to keep swimming forward or maybe that bank wasn’t meant for you in the beginning.” It will be a big change as you get used to such a loaded decision being on your shoulders.
  • Change in pressure – “Since the Freshman jitters were gone, I felt the pressure to fit into the college lifestyle dissipate. But I also felt the pressure to actually be an adult begin to grow.  I thought I couldn’t goof around any more; now was the time to buy checkered ties and start thinking about my 401k.  It took a while to realize that I am still just a kid…and that I could still have fun while growing more mature.”

3.What is the biggest misconception you had about your Sophomore year?

  • imagesDifficulty – “I’d already gone through my freshmen year, I knew how college worked, I knew what kind of a student I am…I should have it all figured out. But really and truly, no one has everything figured out even by their senior year.” As you may remember from my Difficulty post, “College still finds ways to surprise you and trip you up.” And this is not necessarily an unfortunate fact. It is simply a truth that, if willing, you can harvest important lessons from.
  • Self-control and Pete’s Pizza go together, yea? – False. “The biggest misconception I had was probably that I could live across from Pete’s Pizza and not eat there three time a week. I was so wrong.”

4. Biggest difference between underclassmen life and upperclassmen life?

  • “You get more into your major and closer to graduation. You get more coursework. But that’s almost the best part because you figure out what you like most in your field and really get an idea of what you can do with them later on. Also, because you’ve met more and more people over the years, you have a wider base of friends, especially in your major classes.”
  • “The more opportunities that become available to you, the less time you have to devote to each of them.  Start taking stock of what you consider important and factor that into your upperclassmen lifestyle.”

5. What are the pros and cons, in your opinion, of being a sophomore?

  • “Pro: One year closer to graduating! Con: One year closer to graduating!”
  • “Pro: You know for certain the IC will be jam-packed come Finals Week, so don’t even try. Con: You start to think finishing that required reading the night before a quiz won’t be that bad.”ME_339_Advice

Hope you learned a little something from my comrades and I’ll see you next week! :)

Getting over the golden year one post at a time! 

Great Deals at the Goodman

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goodman-theaterIt’s right around this time that Chicagoans get a bit sick of the wretched heat. Maybe a little reference to winter wonderment will help to bear the torridness.

Starting on Friday, July 25, you have a prime opportunity to purchase priority tickets for A Christmas Carol before the general public! Online sales start a 10 AM and you will use the promo code JOY to unlock the special offer.  For those of you who have a hard time prying your bodies from bed, phones sales commence at 12 PM via 312.443.3800

1415YourWay_163x108While you are at it, be sure to check out the Goodman Theatre’ s “Your Way” Subscription. Here, you are given the power to design your own subscription package and experience this top quality theatre exactly how you want it.

For full information on these deals and upcoming productions, visit the Goodman’s official website!


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