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Now What?: Growth

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9. Time to Broaden That Horizon of Yoursdownload

It is very possible that some of you sophomores were top notch go-getters last year. You may just have been that student that pledged to a sorority, had two work-study positions, was a barista at Metropolis, started your own organization, and was the president of your club sports team. Alright, that’s most likely not even humanly possible. I realize this. But, I think you get the just.

For those of you who  failed to achieve inhuman participation points during the first year, it’s most likely that you  spent your days trying to survive the hellish classes you enrolled in. And no one blames you, comrade! However, now that you have settled in to the swing of collegiate things, maybe its time to get out there and focus on growing as a person. This is, after all, a very important part of being in college.

One of the best ways to do this would be to join some clubs or organizations. Now, I’m not going to just start running off a list of every organization on campus. There are like a gatrillion of them. But, what I will do is give you some info about what organizations have missions or focuses that are most likely to provide you with some quality food for thought. Ya feels me? Alright, let’s get to it!

Spiritual - Want to open you mind to new perspectives or grow in understanding of beliefs you already possess? There are several spirituality focused organizations on campus that you could try such as Agape Christian Fellowship and Hindu Students’ Organization.

Social-JusticeCommunity – If you are interested in lending a helping hand to people in need or connecting with the community, check out groups such as Best Buddies, American Red Cross, Circle K, or Armed Forces.

Culture – Loyola has always prided itself in its focus upon cultural diversity on campus. In light of such an objective, Loyola has easily accumulated a trove of first-class cultural organizations. If you are drawn to the idea of enriching your life with culture, look into groups such as Black Culture Center, Hellenic Student Association, Kapwa, or African Student Alliance.

Social/Enviormental Justice – If you aren’t already noticed by now that Loyola is a hot spot for justice, you are more than a little bit out of the loop. Jump on the LUC bandwagon by delving into profound concepts with Free the Slaves, Active Minds, V-Day Club, Autism Speaks, Invisible Conflicts, or Feminist Forum.

Of course there are heaps more groups to check out on campus that may come to help develop you as a person. These are just a small few. The most important take-away is to get involved. College is not only about that B+ in Orgo. It’s about learning more about your capabilities, your desires, who you are, and expanding in several aspect of your life. Organizations are a perfect way to attain that objective. Check out OrgSync to get some ideas!

Hope you learned a good deal about growth and I’ll see you next week! :)

Getting over the golden year one post at a time! 


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Hey friends!

The DFPA is all about promoting the fine and performing arts around Chicago. Well, nothing is more fine that the rad new blog, RedGrind.

What exactly IS RedGrind? Is it a pepper grinder? No. Is it a new dance move? No. Is it a new and extremely rad blog that has just blessed the internet? Absolutely.

RedGrind focuses on music.

What kind of music? Rock, hip-hop, and dance.

And what’s its focus? Music venues off the Red Line in Chicago.

So why should I read it? Because you’ll become 1,000,000 times less awesome if you don’t.

The site is brand-spankin’ new and working on getting all of its content up. Therefore, you need to follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook so you can stay up to date on everything they post.

So go read RedGrind! Or run the risk of losing your cool-status.

Funky Fresh: How to survive your Freshmen year without smelling funky

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Ninth Piece of AdviceStep Up 2 The Streets

Before coming to Loyola you should be aware that there are many streets. I know, I know, it’s quite surprising. Chicago? The nation’s third largest city has an abundance of streets???? Believe it or not, everywhere you go in Chicago there is a street somewhere nearby. And where there is a street, there is either an angry cab driver, jaywalker, or a bike rider who is scared for their life (due to the angry cab driver).

While a lot of people that go to Loyola are quite familiar with the Chicago area, others are from WAY out of town, where they’re used to seeing more corn than actual humans. Regardless of who you are or where you’re from, there is quite a bit you need to know about the streets of Chicago.

buddy the elf

1. First off,  if you see gum on the street, leave it there. It isn’t free candy.

Gum is nice, but it often ends up on the streets of Chicago. If you’re coming from somewhere like Nebraska, you probably don’t even know what gum is (I’m assuming you’re all tobacco users). However, the colorful and gooey dots that litter the sidewalks and streets are NOT free candy. So don’t eat them.

2. It’s not illegal if you don’t get caught

“Jaywalking? Isn’t that illegal?” Calm your panties. Jaywalking may be illegal, but you’re not fully adapted to Chicago until you learn the art of jaywalking.

The first thing you should know is that you only jaywalk when there are no cars coming from either way. That may sound obvious, but you’d be surprise. Not everyone packs their brain when coming to college.

Sometimes, you’ll see car(s) in the distance which are coming your way and you really feel like jaywalking. This can be tricky because it all comes down to the distance the cars are away from you, the speed of the cars, and approximately how fast you can run across the street. I’m sure there’s some complex mathematical equation that will help you out with this, but you really don’t have enough time to try it out when you’re trying to jaywalk across the street. Therefore, it all comes down to practice. Basically, if you have any inclination AT ALL that you will be hit by a car and face an imminent death, stay on the sidewalk.spongebob

Lastly, you should all know the best/most important place to jaywalk: on SHERIDAN road between WINTHROP and KENMORE. You will be walking down this street a lot and half the time you’re walking down it you’re in desperate need to cross over. Sometimes it may seem impossible, but have no fear. This takes practice as well, but the gist of it is to keep looking at the stop lights on either side. Once they both turn red, most cars will be clear and that’s your time to go! Happy jaywalking!

3. How to seem like you have friends without actually having any

Come night time, it’s not 100% the best idea to be walking alone. Therefore, it’s time to make friends. Walking in groups is the best way to ensure safety when walking the streets of Chicago, especially at night.

I know what you’re thinking: “But I don’t have friends.” In that case, if you’re walking alone at night, find the nearest group of people and walk closely behind them so that it appears you’re with that group. Making it seem like you have friends is just as good as actually having friends.

4. YOU have the right of way…but that doesn’t to mean go right away

Not all street crossings have stoplights. In fact, most of the street crossings near the Lake Shore Campus are only enforced by stop signs. What does this mean for you collegiate pedestrians? YOU have the right-away. You were probably taught this in Drivers-Ed or something, but it’s important to remember when you’re frolicking down the streets of Chicago.

When you get to street crossing where there is a stop sign and a car is waiting, just go. Don’t make eye contact. Don’t act like you care. Just cross. If want to be a real douche (which I normally do), I walk extra slowly. Chicago drivers are known for their infuriating tempers and they all just need to take a chill pill. If some jerk in a Bentley is giving you the death stare, just keep your head straight ahead and act like it doesn’t bother you. He can be late for once to his pedicure appointment.

Of course, having the right-away doesn’t mean you should always go right away. Like I said, Chicago drivers seem to always forget to take their chill pills in the morning and they also are always late to wherever they need to be. All of this leads to some pretty irrational decisions…like running stop signs and possibly running over an innocent collegian. In this case, do as your momma told you and look both ways before crossing.

CT ct-met-nato-chicago-Strazz-0522004.JPG

The streets of Chicago are more wild than the Amazon and it’s likely you’re not prepared for all the craziness coming from a town with a population of 500. Don’t worry, all of us are the same way. Navigating the streets and trying to save yourself from being run over is not something that comes naturally. It takes time, practice, and talent.

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