This Is Our Youth

This is Our Youth captures two days in the life of three young and lost New York souls: Warren, a thief, Dennis, his charismatic drug-dealing friend; and, Jessica, the out-of-league object of Warren’s affection. Set in the early 80's, this play gives a glimpse into a Read more

Purchase Your Preview Tickets NOW!

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. Due to popular demand, we are offering advanced sales of tickets for the preview performance of our main stage musical, Spring Awakening! If the very prospect of seeing the show doesn't excite you enough, then maybe Read more

The Jazz Combo Recital is Just Around the Corner

Book your seat today for the Jazz Combo Recital! For more details contact our box office at or call 773.508.8400. Consisting of of 2-6 members, these small Jazz groups will make you jump and jive via varied instrumentation.  These ensembles are coached and directed by various music department Read more


A title packed with playful parallelism, Ghostbuster is a provocative art exhibition tackling the universal struggle of battling past demons. Chicago painter Ryan Richey reveals the fragility of life as well as its inherent beauty with "humble magnificence" in this candid collection of works. The exhibit will run through Read more


Hey bloggers! Kyle McCloskey here. We’re moving right along during our second week of rehearsals and things have really started to get quite interesting. If you read the previous post, you know that at our first rehearsal, we did a read and sing through, Read more

The full Monty

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FM_Poster_WitJoin Theatre Wit for the Kokandy Production The Full Monty. Based on a 1997 British film, this musical tells the story of laid-off steel miners trying to make money dancing nude at a night club frequented by their wives. The show is filled with sentiment, some comedy and plenty of commentary on gender roles, the emotional effects of unemployment and body image.

The show is playing through April 10, Wednesdays through Fridays at 8 PM, Saturdays at 3 PM and 8 PM and Sundays at 3 PM. Tickets are $38 and can be purchased here.

Pitch an Idea

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SixtyCallForWritersVALUEHEALTH_Website-copy-e1426373274803Have you ever wanted to have your work published in a magazine or had a strong inclination to voice your opinions? Now is the time to do so with Sixty Inches From Center’s online magazine.  They are having a “call for all writers” to help them complete their summer and fall 2015 issues. Their summer issue concerns the topic of VALUE and what that term means for art and how and why art is given a price tag.  The answer is not concrete and abstract answers are more than welcome.  The deadline to pitch the idea is April 5 and the article deadline is May 17.  They will be issuing the article on June 12 and the writer for the chosen article will receive $50.

The Fall issue is all about HEALTH and the healing process of art.  Questions that should be addressed include: How does health effect the artist’s works? and What does it mean for an artists landscape to be healthy? The deadline for this pitch is June 28 and the article deadline is August 16.  The fall issue will be released on September 11 and a $50 compensation is given as well.  Pitches have a 500 word limit and can be sent to Reuben Westmaas at  Don’t miss this opportunity to share your ideas!

For more information click here

The Mecca Tales

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Trekking across the sands of Mecca, five women embark on a journey not only to find themselves, but to discover where they fit into the fabric of their diverse community. Completing its run at Chicago Dramatists on April 12, The Mecca Tales explores the journey taken by five American Muslim women to Mecca for the Hajj. The Hajj takes place each year to bolster a sense of solidarity among those who practice Islam. Participating in the hajj is a deeply spiritual journey that every able Muslim must take at least once in their lifetime. For four of these women, it is their first pilgrimage. As a part of the religious experience, each woman is asked to share her personal reasons for journeying to the holy Islamic site. As the play delves into each character’s unique story and background, it reveals a broader picture of what it means to be an American Muslim, and the role females play in the world of religion.

Insightful and poignant, The Mecca Tales is not to be missed! Tickets cost $15 – $33, and can be purchased here.

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