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The Legend of 21

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legendof21picMajor League Baseball’s season may be winding down, but keeping the spirit of the game alive will not be difficult with the current Chicago run of The Legend of 21, presented by Nightblue Performing Arts Company. Follow the story of baseball hall of famer Roberto Clemente, one of baseball’s most legendary players. This historical musical follows Clemente, born in Puerto Rico in 1934, through his endeavors to achieve his dream of playing professional baseball. “The Legend of 21″ chronicles his struggles with poverty, language-barriers and racism on his journey to the top.

Inspirational off and on the field, Clemente’s story now makes a jump to the stage in this unique dramatization of his life. Beginning with the scene set at Clemente’s funeral in 1972, the play features flashbacks of events ranging from his early life to his move to Pittsburgh to play with the Pirates. This bilingual show features songs and scenes in both English and Spanish, creating an authentic atmosphere for the audience to enjoy. Not to worry, however, if your Spanish is not up to snuff. Subtitles are provided!

The legend of Roberto Clemente is one not only of a superior athlete, but of an exceptional human being, as shown through this captivating show infused with Afro-Carribean music. This show is perfect for any sports fan, history buff, or musical theater lover!

The show runs for 2 hours and 15 minutes and is scheduled to run through September 14.Tickets can be purchased here!


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MNE_CC_640x360_smWhile “mnemonic” is one of the hardest words to pronounce phonetically (muh-neh-mon-ik?  Like what?); it is also one of most helpful.  Believe it or not, you use mnemonic devices to remember the order of the planets, the cardinal directions, or maybe even your address.  That idea of remembrance is central to the upcoming play at the Red Tape Theatre, aptly titled Mnemonic, which premiers Friday, September 5!

Epic in scale, Mnemonic attempts to weave together seemingly disparate stories about the search for a lost father, an ancient, frozen caveman, and the attempt to rekindle a lost love.  By stretching across time, space, climate, and people, Mnemonic seeks to answer how “we remember, what we remember, [and] why we remember.”  And maybe, just maybe, if the breadcrumb trail left by our ancestors is followed, we could learn more about ourselves than we imagined.  Featuring a long list of local and nationally renowned actors, Mnemonic proves to be an incredible production.  That is, if you can remember to see it.

Mnemonic will run from September 2 through October 5 at the Red Tape Theatre.  All performances will begin at 7:30 PM, except Sunday shows that will begin at 2 PM.  Ticket prices range from $5 - 15.  For a full list of show dates and links to purchase tickets, please click here.  For more information about the performance itself, including a list of the ensemble, please click here.

“Ecstasy” at A Red Orchid Theatre

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downloadThink about it: you make your triumphant return to Loyola’s campus after years of success in your career that was totally related to your major in undergrad.  You step in the doors of “Bar  63″ (or Hamilton 2.0, whatever it will be called in 20 years), order a drink, turn around, and see your old roommates sitting at the table right behind you!  Will it be fun, nostalgic, life-affirming, or really awkward?  Director Shade Murray has come to answer that question of whether time can heal all wounds, or just make them worse, in the new play Ecstasy, currently running till September 28 at the A Red Orchid Theatre!

With an illustrious career in the Chicago theatre scene, Shade Murray has worked to adapt Mike Leigh’s 1979 play that he says radiates “keenly observed humor, unexpected violence, and ordinary beauty” for the modern era.  In the production, four old friends run into each other while drinking, and as the booze and memories start flowing, they attempt to bridge the gap that time has created between them.  It manifests in song, dance, rage, and breakdowns, and it is surely a sight to behold at A Red Orchid Theatre.

Ecstasy will run from today until September 28 at the A Red Orchid Theatre, on a Thursday through Sunday schedule.  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday shows begin at 7:30 PM, and Sunday shows begin at 3 PM.  All performances range from $15-25.  To see the full calendar of performances and links to purchase tickets, please click here.  To read more about the play, including a list of actors, follow the link here.

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