Exhibition Opening: DIY/XX

This Thursday, Oct. 23 is the opening reception of our next exhibition DIY/XX, Self-published graphic novels, mini comics and zines by women! The FREE reception will be held at the Ralph Arnold Gallery from 5 - 6:30 PM and will include FREE refreshments. Highlighting the work of Read more

Review and Reflect With Us!

Our Faculty Biennial: Review Reflect will be running until December 7th in the Newhart Promenade. Head on over to see the past and present works of the Loyola Fine Arts Faculty. All of the works will be displayed in with FREE access for all with public viewing hours Wednesday-Friday from 1-5 Read more

Purchase Your Subscriptions Now!

We know you all were shaking with excitement to find out what our next mainstage performances would be! Now that the cat's out of the bag, get pumped because the following plays and musicals could be a part of your future theatre experience all at Read more

Il Trovatore

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iltrovatoreIf you’re pining for a fix of melodrama, look no further!  Il Trovatore has it all – love, lust, murder and more. Pretty Little Liars has got nothing on this.  This opera follows the story of the royal di Luna family in 15th century Spain, whose youngest child falls ill.  Blaming a local gypsy for his child’s sudden illness, the Count di Luna sentences her to death on charges of witchcraft. As she is burned at the stake, the woman begs her daughter, Azucena, to avenge her.  The young gypsy agrees, and kidnaps one of the children of the Count, raising him as her own.  He grows up not knowing his true identity, and eventually falls in love with the beautiful Leonora – who is also being pursued by his biological brother!  Gasp!  Think of it as one of your grandma’s soap operas. With much more music.

Opera-lovers, Italophiles, and drama queens alike will be bewitched by Guiseppe Verdi’s libretto and score.  Depending on your choice of seat, tickets are $20 – $249, and can be purchased here.  The show is set to run from October 27 – November 29.  Running time for the show is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Get in with the AIGA Fall Student Portfolio Review

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We’ve all been there.  You write a setllar, Google-internship-worthy cover letter.  You lay out your skills so well that this job is surely yours.  You reference your resumé, and send the application off to the deep blue candidate pool.  But alas, you forgot to update your resumé, and those typos, misplaced qualifications, and multiple errors doom you.  Thank goodness for the good folks at AIGA are holding an event especially geared toward those intrepid graphic design majors with complex portfolios.  Bring your work down to the UIC Innovation Center
for the Binary II Fall Student Portfolio Review on October 24 at 11:30 AM!

Get the chance to have your portfolio or work, whatever medium it may be, reviewed by some of Chicago’s best and brightest.  You get half-hour blocks to get an in-depth look at your work, and receive any pointers on how your portfolio can be improved.  What’s more, a full-group lecture will take place during a lunch hour that will give an overview of how to best structure your portfolio.  However, registration ends TODAY, October 22.  And with an attendance cap of 50 designers, go online and sign up now (like right now) if interested!

The Binary II: Fall Student Portfolio Review will run from 11 AM – 4 PM on October 24.  Tickets for the event cost $25 for non-AIGA members, or $10 for registered members (there will be a $25 reservation fee, but you would receive a $15 reimbursement at the event).  For more information on the event, please click the link here.  To register for the event, which will not accept any more applications after TODAY, please click the link here.

Defying Insecurities and Validating the Adversities (D.I.V.A.)

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The society that we live in today is so focused on beauty and self-image that it can sometimes be hard for us to feel like we can measure up to the celebrities and models that are commonly associated as the definition of what “beauty” is. The play For the Diva in You aims to help take away that feeling of self-consciousness and help make people feel comfortable in their own skin. The production will also take you on an in-depth journey that examines insecurities over image, depression, and unhealthy relationships. The play includes various monologues and songs which aim to empower the audience to examine their own inner D.I.V.A.

Showtimes for this event are: Sunday, October 26 at 7:30 PM and Monday, October 27 at 7:30 PM.


More information on the event and theater can be found here.


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