Exhibition Opening: DIY/XX

This Thursday, Oct. 23 is the opening reception of our next exhibition DIY/XX, Self-published graphic novels, mini comics and zines by women! The FREE reception will be held at the Ralph Arnold Gallery from 5 - 6:30 PM and will include FREE refreshments. Highlighting the work of Read more

Review and Reflect With Us!

Our Faculty Biennial: Review Reflect will be running until December 7th in the Newhart Promenade. Head on over to see the past and present works of the Loyola Fine Arts Faculty. All of the works will be displayed in with FREE access for all with public viewing hours Wednesday-Friday from 1-5 Read more

Purchase Your Subscriptions Now!

We know you all were shaking with excitement to find out what our next mainstage performances would be! Now that the cat's out of the bag, get pumped because the following plays and musicals could be a part of your future theatre experience all at Read more

Whirled News Tonight: The News Is Real, Everything Else Is Improvised

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Thumb_wntposterfinal1Chicago is one of the best cities for improvisational comedy. Home to world famous comedy troupe, The Second City, as well as many, many other groups, Chicago is a hub for some of the greatest improv comedians, as well as the best comedy clubs around.

Regarded as one of the premier and distinguished improv troupes in the city, Whirled News Tonight is a powerhouse group of comedians who have put their own unique twist on improv comdey. The theme of the performance is centered around current events. The performers take audience suggestions and select major news stories as the basis of their improv sketches. Whirled News Tonight has received rave reviews from newspapers such as the Chicago Reader, the Chicago Tribune, and the Chicago Sun Times. This troupe is truly a gem in Chicago’s improv comedy community.

Whirled News Tonight’s upcoming season begins TODAY and will run every Saturday at 8 PM until January 3. Performances will be held at the Del Close Theater, and tickets are $14.

For more information and to purchase tickets click here!

Sacre Bleu!

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Remember that Eiffel 65 song, “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”?  Marc Walton sure does. Well, maybe not, but like the Italian trio, Walton enjoys the color blue and wants to tell you all about it. As a senior scientist at the Art Institute of Chicago as well as Northwestern University, Walton has devoted his most recent project to the analysis of the color blue and it’s evolution in art, history, and the world as a whole.

Walton will present his findings, aptly titled Sacre Bleu, at The Art Institute of Chicago on November 1. For more information regarding this event click hereTo purchase tickets, call 312-494-9509.

Don’t Forget about Season on the Line

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You saw it in The Lego Movie, where the Lego characters that had such life were actually just toys controlled by Will Ferrell.  You saw it in Inception, where Leonardo Dicaprio dreams about fighting in a dream…within another dream.  And now you can get a taste of that meta-drenched art with The House Theatre’s production of Season on the Line, albeit only until Sunday, October 26!

The pursuit of the White Whale in the Herman Melville classic novel Moby Dick is nothing new to anyone who has felt frustrated in 10th grade English class.  Yet playwright Shawn Pfautsch has taken that adventure and turned it around on itself; in Season on the Line, a crotchety-old art director is on a mission with a theatre-production Greenback to stage “the first-ever perfect production of Moby-Dick.”  In essence, they are seeking the White Whale by…well…seeking the White Whale.  Pfautsch and director Jess McLeod also have employed Melville’s transitive storytelling methods, “[swinging] from soliloquy to encyclopedic investigation to action-adventure story.”  So man the harpoons and the spotlights, laddies, and come see Season on the Line!

Season on the Line is currently running at The House Theatre, and its remaining performance dates are Thursday, October 23 to Sunday, October 26.  All the performances cost $35 and begin at 7:30PM (except the Sunday performance, which begins at 7 PM).  For more information on the play, please follow the link here.  To see the calendar of performance dates, including links to purchase tickets, click the link here.

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